Southern Plains Behavioral Health Services originated in 1971 to fulfill social and emotional health needs in the community (catchment area).  The agency’s original name was Rosebud Area Guidance Center and is currently known as  Southern Plains Behavioral Health Services.  This change reflects the wide range of behavioral health services that are provided.   The agency has continued to expand its services and we strive to meet the ever changing needs of the communities we serve.  Those counties in our catchment area include Gregory, Todd, Tripp, and Mellette.  To accommodate client preferences, services are not limited to the office locations and can be offered in the home, school, or community settings.

Effective behavioral health services depend  upon the relationships existing among human services providers. One of the primary challenges of linkages involves the way human service providers coordinate their services.  Therefore, linkages between Southern Plains  Behavioral Health Services and all other human service providers must focus on mutual needs for each other’s help in order to achieve patient/client related goals.

If you would like to know more about our agency, please feel free to contact us at (605) 842-1465.