NEW—-Current Job Opening: Business Manager Full Time Salaried Position

The Business Manager position works in all areas related to the financial operation of the Agency and reports to the Executive Director and SPBHS Board of Directors.


  1. Organizes and coordinates the financial activities of the organization in conjunction with the Executive Director.
  2. Conducts and administers fiscal operations, including accounting, planning budgets, authorizing expenditures, establishing rates for services, and coordinating financial reports, as well as, the Medicaid, contract, and other 3rd party billing procedures.
  3. Prepares financial statements, business activity reports, annual budget and audit, and cost report analyzing the financial details of past, present, and expected operations in order to identify development opportunities, recruitment potential, and areas where improvement is needed.
  4. Maintains current knowledge of organizational policies and procedures and federal and state policies and directives.
  5. Administers compensation, benefits, and performance management systems.
  6. Responsible for supervising the care and maintenance of the technology, vehicles, building, and grounds.
  7. Attends SPBHS Board meetings to present financial statement and take meeting minutes.


A degree in business, finance, or related field, with preferred five years of business, billing, or human resources experience.

Experience with Microsoft Office 365 and QuickBooks preferred.


Dependent on degree and experience.

Benefits package offered.

Resumes need to be submitted to the Executive Director at

Position open until filled.

NEW—-Current Job Opening: Secretarial Position: Salaried – Non-exempt

Reports to:  Executive Director/Business Manager


  1. Performs a full range of secretarial services by utilizing a wide variety of office equipment and secretarial skills.
  2. Organizes clerical functions; organizes and maintains operational records, files, and supplies to ensure HIPPA compliance; operates office machines, including computers, faxes, telephone, and copier; explains administrative policies and procedures to staff and the public; screens and routes mail; performs other related duties as assigned.


  1. Handle all phone and reception duties, to include client reception, fax dissemination, answering machine, as well as outgoing calls for clients as requested. 
  2. Type therapy notes/dictation, including any letters, envelopes, and alphabetizing of the therapy forms on a weekly basis.
  3. Performs all duties related to the Psychiatrist, i.e., scheduling, client reception, phone calls, medication management, etc.  This is to include taking care of any requests made in the dictation, rather than forwarding it to the individual therapist.
  4. All details pertaining to referrals received by mail, fax, or telephone, to include maintaining the waiting list.
  1. Uses computers to set-up functions, enter data, and process information efficiently; does word processing, filing, e-mailing, and faxing.  
  2. Handling all filing in a timely manner.
  3. Maintain clinic charts.
  4. Complete forms for monthly updating, i.e., Releases of Information, Means Testing, and Outcome Surveys.
  5. Monitoring all forms and supplies to keep these current and in-stock.  This is to include ordering of these forms or making copies, as needed.  This is also to include the supplies in the break room and keep the room/refrigerator/cupboards neat and clean.
  6. Copying records for requesting agencies.  
  7. Manage shredding for the office
  8. Prepare any calendars needed each month, i.e., monthly calendars and vehicle log.
  9. Party planner, to include sending greetings, as requested.
  10. Routine office and vehicle upkeep.
  11. Payeeship duties as requested.
  12. Performs other work as required.


  • This position requires knowledge of all office machines, including computers, copy machine, fax machine, and calculator. 
  • A pleasant attitude and demeanor should be maintained at all times when greeting the public, whether it be on the phone or face-to-face.
  • Knows the formal and informal departmental goals, standards, policies, and procedures which may include some familiarity of other departments within the office.   Is sensitive to the interrelationship of both people and functions within the Agency and can interpret and communicate operating policies.


  • High school graduate or GED with five [5] years secretarial experience is required.


Dependent on education and experience.

Full health, dental, and vision insurance provided by employer.

Resumes need to be submitted by Monday, December 5 at 8 am.

Position open until filled.

NEW—-Current Job Opening: Clinical Director: Full-time Salaried Position


The Clinical Director must have at least a master’s degree in Psychology, Counseling, Nursing, or Social Work, and currently holding a license in that field, and with at least two [2] years of supervised postgraduate clinical experience and have an additional two [2] years of experience in a mental health setting.


  1. Oversees the application of Adult and Child Services and supervises staff that conducts the programs.  Reviews staff charts to ensure compliance with state/federal requirements.
  2. Establishes and maintains regular communication with all staff and provides weekly staff supervision.
  3. Participates in screening of clients and supervising others who are involved in the screening of clients to determine medical necessity and appropriate diagnosis.
  4. Participates in treatment planning and staffing conferences.
  5. Will attend Board meetings at the request of the Executive Director, Financial Director, or Board of Directors.
  6. Participates in the on-call schedule.


  1. Ability to relate to severely mentally ill clients and their families.
  2. Skill to assimilate information and evaluate problems situations relating to mentally ill clients.
  3. Knowledge and understanding of program planning, development, and administration.
  4. Ability to interpret business and operational needs and develop integrated creative solutions.
  5. Organizational planning, structuring, and staffing skills.
  6. Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.
  7. Project management skills and the ability to resolve problems and issues.
  8. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate with a wide-range of individuals and constituencies in a diverse community.
  9. Competent to collaborate, network, and build relationships within the systems of communities.
  10. Ability to provide technical guidance and leadership to professional personnel in the area of expertise.
  11. Skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures and in developing and implementing new strategies and procedures.


Dependent on experience.

Benefits package offered.

Resumes need to be submitted by Monday, December 5 at 8 am.

Position open until filled.

Current Job Opening: Counselor

  • Open until filled. 
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred or above in social work, counseling, psychology, or other relevant human service profession.
  • Counseling includes individual, group, and family sessions in clinical and outreach settings.
  • Responsible for clinical practice, completion of forms, and progress notes.
  • Will complete assessments, diagnosing, and development of strength-based treatment plans.
  • Provides on-call services as scheduled. 

Current Job Opening: Systems of Care Coordinator

The Systems of Care (SOC) program is a wraparound approach to delivering services to youth and families, as identified by school systems and other community stakeholders.

The SOC Coordinator will work in collaboration with many agencies including school systems and other community resources, to provide the following services:

  1.  Consultation with schools and community agencies
  2. Accepting referrals and ensuring completion of intake paperwork
  3. Assess and assist families with needs across life domains

i. Basic Needs

ii. Social Supports

iii. Emotional Needs

iv. Educational Needs

v. Community Supports

vi. Housing Supports

vii. Health

viii. Safety

  • Ensuring families are informed of service options
  • Facilitating team meetings as needed to develop and monitor service plans and ensure that service plans are driven by the family
  • Case management to refer and facilitate access to an array of community services and supports
  • Collaboration and coordination to facilitate implementation of service plans across all involved child and family serving agencies
  • Continually updating knowledge of and relationship with community resources available to children and families
  • Conducting training, outreach and marketing in support of SOC programming

Education: High School Diploma or equivalent and higher.

Wage: Dependent on education and experience.

Part-time or full-time positions available.

Send Resumes to: Southern Plains Behavioral Health Services

500 E. 9th Street

Winner, SD 57580

You can also email your resume to the Executive Director at:

Lindsey McCarthy, MSW

Executive Director